Because our class sizes are capped at 15 students, our teachers are able to customize the learning paths for their students in mathematics, reading, and writing. This ongoing process are data-driven conversations with the teacher, student, parent(s), and administration. The results are children accelerating in their area(s) of strength and is some cases, keeping students on grade level in an area which may be more challenging.

In early childhood development, much of learned behavior is measured by a teacher’s observation. However, as a child develops, the subjectivity should lead to more data driven objectivity. As our students learn to read, we begin using a Lexile score to measure reading levels. The data is used to drive decisions both parents and teachers make around choosing reading materials.

Begin with the end in mind…the research in the job market in the next 10 years, forecast workers will need to have a strong foundation in applied mathematics, science, technology tools, collaboration, and both written and verbal communication skills. They will need to be self-motivated, independent learners who have the ability to adapt to change and problem solve in the workplace daily.

At all levels, 21st century skills will be infused into the curriculum:

Learning and Innovation Skill
Information, Media and Technology Skills
Life and Career Skills

Students will utilize both MAC and PC platforms as well as iPads, mini iPads, and personal eBook readers. Students will be familiar with the latest MAC, PC, and cloud networking operating systems. Access to the Internet will be highly secured, controlled, and monitored.

If you desire to be actively engaged in your child(s) learning, Grace Academy may be the right place for you.
Grace Academy is a private, Christian, K-8 school in Ormond Beach, Florida. Grace Academy is located on the Grace Community Church property. Grace Academy works to instill non-denominational Christian principles in students. Grace Academy retains complete autonomy and functions independently of the church; Grace Academy is not subsidized or obligated by the church in any way. Grace Academy offers a rigorous, relevant education using traditional and 21st century learning tools. The Christian atmosphere is reinforced by teaching Biblical truths in all grades.

For over 30 years, children and families have made the short commute to our private school in beautiful Ormond Beach, FL from the greater Daytona Beach area, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, and the Palm Coast area to attend Grace Academy.