• Grace Academy accepts students without regard to race, creed, ethnic or religious background. However, students are expected to fully participate and cooperate in all non-denominational  Christian coursework and/or activities required by Grace Academy.  This is one of  the foundations of our 5 Pillars and therefore there are no exceptions.
  • Each new student will be tested and interviewed by school personnel. This process is to ascertain if Grace Academy is the right fit for our academic rigor and structure. Full cooperation from both student and parent(s)/guardian(s) in the education process of the student is expected at the Academy.



  • Students enrolling in Grace Academy for the first time must pass an initial screening given by school personnel
  • All new students in grades 5-8 are automatically placed on a 30-day academic/behavior contract
  • Each student must meet health standards advocated by the Florida Health Department (immunization and physical examination)
  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) must agree to adhere in writing to the rules, policies, calendar and procedures of Grace Academy
  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) must to agree in writing to render the tuition, fees, and payment schedule set by Grace Academy



  • Re-enrollments begin registering in February of each year
  • Tuition & Fees will be posted on the website and made available in the main office
  • After February 15th, all vacancies are made available on the website to new applicants for the following year
  • The annual registration and supply fee secures a seat for the following year
  • The 1st payment in June must be satisfied to hold seat for following year
  • PK3-PK5 Montessori classroom is capped at 16 with two teachers (1:8 teacher-student ratio)
  • K-5 classrooms are capped at 15 (1:15 teacher-student ratio)
  • 6-8 classrooms are capped at 16 (1:16 teacher-student ratio)


For openings in PreK3-8 classrooms, please call 386.673.5166.