Intermediate:4th & 5th


:: LEVELS 4th through 5th ::

At Grace Academy, creating a love for reading is one of our primary focal points!

Our teachers use a variety of time-proven, research based curriculum that teaches students the fundamentals of reading. Through individualized instruction, teachers are able to group students based on their lexile reading scores, while furthering their growth in core reading standards. Proving the effectiveness of the guided reading approach, many students are comprehending texts above grade level. Entering the intermediate years, these skills are critical to your child’s success, as they are making the transition from learning to read, to reading to learn.

In addition to rigorous grammar and vocabulary, students are taught a variety of writing techniques, which they will continue to utilize in years to come. Among these techniques, learners apply the use of graphic organizers. This provides a visual and graphic display that depicts the relationships between facts, terms, and or ideas within their reading and writing practice.


Of all the disciplines, mathematics is the easiest way to customize students learning needs. Students who have the propensity to excel in math are not bound by traditional grade levels. Math classes are blocked at the same time for grades 3-8. This allows students to move into the math class that fits their learning need. In 6th grade, students are offered the choice of taking their math course(s) asynchronously by utilizing virtual math courses; the option for an accelerated pace is no longer a prisoner of time. This path has allowed some students to complete math courses up through Algebra 2 in their tenure at Grace Academy.

Our standard curriculum is Saxon Publishers and Singapore Math. All new concepts are developed through hands-on activities and rich mathematical conversations that actively engage students in the learning process. Concepts are developed, reviewed, and practiced over time. Students move from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract. When academically appropriate, our teachers also supplement Saxon/Singapore Math curriculum with other manipulatives and online resources.


Discovery Education Science

Our science textbook is online. All students have a subscription to Discovery Education Science Techbook. This account grants them access to their Earth Space, Life Science, and Physical Science curriculum anytime. Discovery Education Techbook is the primary resource for science and is supplemented as needed. Hands-on labs and project-based evaluations are also an integral part of the course. The Discovery Techbook is a living curriculum, not static like a book, and is updated and improved upon continuously. Any secular material will be taught in tandem with fundamental, non-denominal Christian beliefs.

All students and teachers have a subscription to Discovery Education streamingPlus. This will provide access to the world’s largest collection of educational streaming videos, images, and much more. All content is vetted for appropriateness by grade level. Students will also have access to the resources year round via Internet.


Discovery Education Social Studies

Children are naturally inquisitive and need the opportunity to learn through teacher guided exploration. Our social studies content is taught thematically through hands-on explorations, project based learning and evaluations. Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook and Discovery Education Streaming supplement the instruction.


Weekly contracts continue to be the organizing method students, teachers, and parents use to track and monitor student learning. Students are solely responsible for maintaining, organizing, correcting, and having a parent sign their contracts on a weekly basis.


Music and art education will be integrated in various ways at Grace Academy. All students are expect to participate and perform in the annual Christmas play and performance.


Physical education (PE) plays a vital role in the students development and growth. According to recent medical studies, physical well being of a student is directly related to his or her performance whether in class or in the office. All students will be expected participate in health & physical education. Our teacher is a certified CrossFit for Kids trainer and implements a variety of CrossFit activities in the PE classes.


Our Bible course is an elective all students are required to take. Bible is offered three (3) days per week and is non-denominational. Real life, relevant Biblical connections are infused daily across the curriculum. Students do not attend chapel or church as part of their Grace curriculum.


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