Grace Academy 5 Pillars

I.  Provide a Christ centered environment resulting in a Christ awareness and Christian character in all aspects of life in the children we serve. The Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible is the representation of the model human being God desires. Since the removal of the Bible and prayer in public education, there has been a documented decline in student behavior and academic performance. We seek to present Christ, exalt Christ and magnify Christ in all aspects of the curriculum and pursuit of education.


II. Promote academic excellence. All that you do, do unto the glory of God.  Excellence is in the details! It is paramount for both students and parents to have the bar of excellence well defined.  When academically appropriate, student work will be measured using rubrics. Creative/research based writing, projects, thematic units, and presentations are examples where rubrics will be used.

Grace Academy’s academic focus will be reading, writing, mathematics, and science.


III.  Create differentiated and customized learning paths for all students.  Beginning in kindergarten, teachers will assess each student’s capacity and set individual “learning bars”.  Students will be pushed to their capacity in reading, writing, and mathematics.  Traditional, virtual, and hybrid learning paths may be used to accommodate customized learning. Because it is our expectation parents/guardians are actively engaged in their child(s) learning, customized learning paths are a shared decision.


IV.  Teach self discipline.  The research is conclusive.  Lack of discipline begets a lack of learning.  Students will learn to take responsibility for the decisions they make and be accountable for the consequences. Students and parents/guardians will be expected to adhere to the parameters established by Grace Academy.  Parents/guardians are expected to cooperate with the teachers and administration when disciplinary actions are necessary. Grace Academy reserves the right to suspend and expel students at will.


V.  Prepare students for the world they will inherit. The Bible admonishes us to be aware of the times in which we are living; therefore it is incumbent upon parents/guardians and educators to prepare students for their life experiences (ad vitam paramus).